Hindustani tablas and flute, Carnatic violin, Celtic fiddles, bodhran and pipes and Scottish guitar! Vow! What an incredible ensemble! Ustad Zakir Hussain’s Celtic Connection-Pulse of the World has delighted audiences across the globe and will be performing in Fort Wayne. The fusion group portrays an array of highly talented musicians. Zakir Hussain needs no introduction. Patsy Reid is a Scottish fiddle player, who is also certified to teach ‘Eurythmics’-the physical way of understanding rhythm and pulse. Ganesh Rajagopalan is an eminent Carnatic violinist and Rakesh Chaurasia a talented Hindustani flautist. Charlie McKerron is a Scottish fiddle player and a member of the Scottish folk music band Capercaillie. Matheu Watson is a young, Scottish folk guitarist and also a one man band. He has recently recorded his own album where he plays 20 instruments! Joe John Kelly plays the bodhran- a traditional Celtic frame drum that looks a lot like the kanjira or the daphli. Jean-Michel Veillon is flute player, who plays Irish and Breton music and Fraser Fifield is a Scottish musician who plays the low whistle, the saxophone, kaval and bagpipes.
A glimpse of this incredible band’s performance posted on youtube reveals how adept each artist is at erasing musical borders and seamlessly fusing genres. The result is a heady mixture of traditions-folk, classical, call and response, solos and jugal bandhi. Come and enjoy this music on the eve of Ugadi!