Ganesh Rajagopalan is a well-known Carnatic violin player of the famous Ganesh Kumaresh duo. Along with his brother, Ganesh has pushed the boundaries of Carnatic music with innovations such as ‘Ragapravaham’-elaborations of Ragas, which are compositions not bound by lyrics and even creating new ragas such as Amruthakalyani. A child prodigy, his musical career began at an early age of 3 and he was the youngest child to be recognized as an ‘A’ grade artist by the All India Radio. Ganesh is a winner of several awards and titles, including ‘Astana Vidwan’ of Kanchi Matham, and ‘Kalaimamani’ and ‘Sunaada Siromani’. Indiana audiences are familiar with Ganesh’s versatility when he delighted us with Zakir Hussain’s Celtic Connections. Prepare yourselves to be carried away on a spirited musical journey, as he travels mellifluously among traditions-Carnatic, Hindustani, Western, fusion and more!

Pandit Tejendra Majumdar is an eminent Sarod player of Hindustani music, who learned from eminent artists like Bahadur Khan and Ali Akbar Khan. Winner of the President’s gold medal and Pandit V. Paluskar’s award, Tejendra Majumdar is also a top grade artist of the All India Radio, known for his virtuosity, melodic tone, and artistic depth. He performs extensively and teaches in India and abroad. He is credited with many original compositions, including musical ballets. He constantly explores musics from other genres as well, including creation of background scores for films.

Get a glimpse of what is to come, in this gentle, soothing and melodious performance by Pandit Majumdar and Ganesh!